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Illinois AFL-CIO

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Nearly 900,000 members


Key Officers

illinoisaflcio_michaelcarriganMichael T. Carrigan, President, Illinois AFL-CIO, IBEW

Michael T. Carrigan was elected president of the Illinois AFL-CIO on February 28, 2007, by unanimous decision of the State Federation Executive Board, to serve out the remainder of the unexpired term of retired president Margaret Blackshere.  In October of 2008, he was elected to serve a four-year term as president at the Illinois AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention in Chicago.

Carrigan served as secretary-treasurer of the Illinois AFL-CIO for seven years prior to becoming president. Before that he served as business manager/financial secretary for IBEW Local 146 in Decatur from 1992 to 2000.  He was a journeyman wireman in Decatur from 1978 to 1990 before becoming assistant business manager of the local.

He was elected to the Decatur City Council in 1995 and served nearly four terms on the council before being appointed mayor of Decatur in July of 2008 to serve out the remaining term (ending in April 2009) of the retiring mayor.

At the national level, Carrigan serves on the national AFL-CIO State Federation and Central Labor Council Advisory Committee, at the behest of the AFL-CIO President.

At the regional level, Mr. Carrigan is the President for the 12-state AFL-CIO Midwest Labor Federation Council.  He is currently serving his second term.

At the state level, Carrigan is currently a member of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Council Executive Board and in 2005 was appointed to serve on the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board. Previously he served as co-chair of the Illinois Climate Change Advisory Group (ICCAG), the Alliance to Protect the Illinois Constitution (APIC), the Transportation for Illinois Coalition (TFIC) and the Illinois Works Coalition.

Former community positions he has held include: Economic Development Corporation of Decatur/Macon County; Macon County Merit Commission; and Decatur Celebration Board.

Former labor positions held include: trustee on the NECA-IBEW Health and Welfare Trust Fund and Pension Fund Boards; chairman of the South-Central Illinois Telecommunication Council of the IBEW; and president of the Decatur Building Trades Council.

illinoisaflcio_timdreaTim Drea, Secretary Treasurer, IL AFL-CIO, UFCW

On April 12, 2007, the 38 members of the Executive Board appointed Tim Drea Secretary Treasurer of the Illinois AFL-CIO.  In October of 2008, the full body of the Illinois AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention elected him along with Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael T. Carrigan.  He was re-elected to another four-year term in 2012.  Before his election to the office of Secretary Treasurer he was the Legislative and Political Director for Local 881 of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW).

Tim was a member of UMWA Local 9819 and served as Recording Secretary and a member of the Coal Miners’ Political Action Committee for UMWA District 12.  After being laid off in 1990, he finished his education using worker displacement funding obtained for coal miners through political action.  He finished his BA in Political Studies at Sangamon State University in Springfield and joined the Senate Democratic Staff where he served as the Executive Committee Staff person for Senator Emil Jones, Jr.  In 1996, he joined UFCW Local 881 as the Legislative and Political Director.


Sustainability Profile

icon_greenprofileThe Illinois AFL-CIO has had moderate involvement in the environmental movement.  In 2006, President Michael Carrigan became the Vice Chair of the Illinois Climate Change Advisory Group Task Force (ICCAG). The project centered on Governor Blagojevich’s request that the ICCAG come up with strategies to meet his statewide greenhouse gas reduction goals. In particular, Carrigan chaired the Transportation Subgroup.  The Transportation Subgroup voted to support the following transportation strategies:

  • Implement smart growth initiatives and expansion of mass transit transport
  • Incentives for fuel efficient vehicles
  • Low-carbon fuels standard
  • Fuel efficiency and/or low carbon fuel requirements for all government vehicles
  • Passenger and freight rail upgrades

After this study, Carrigan signed on to a supplementary letter, however, that states the policies that the IL AFL-CIO aggressively voted against.  Some of the highlights include: “California CO2 standards for automobiles, the ‘cap-and-trade’ policy for Illinois electric generators, and three other policies limiting CO2 emissions from the electric utility sector.’ The letter also states the IN AFL-CIO’s belief “that these utility policies would severely limit prospects for new clean coal energy investments in southern Illinois, in direct conflict with the Governor’s goals to advance economic development and job growth in southern Illinois. The [IN AFL-CIO] has already begun to lobby aggressively against these policies.” The letter concludes with the IN AFL-CIO’s concern “about the potential for overlapping or conflicting state and federal climate policies that could harm Illinois’ economy and jobs.”

Since Carrigan’s time of direct involvement with climate policy, he has occasionally commented on the state’s energy policy. For example, when Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill that would finance renewable energy, “clean coal,” and agriculture projects in 2009, Carrigan responded affirmatively: “the bill is an example of Illinois’s leadership in the green movement.”

Similarly, in 2011, when Quinn announced his Illinois Energy Now grants, Carrigan remarked, ““Illinois’ emphasis on energy efficiency is good policy and good for jobs because it puts our union brothers and sisters to work and provides public sector workers with more resources to make their communities better.”



Appendix 1:  Vice Presidents

  • Tim Barnes, UNITE-HERE, 312 663-4373
  •  Christine Boardman, SEIU, 312 787-5868
  •  Edward Christensen, IUEC, 773 924-2086
  •  Kirk Contento, OPEIU, 708 361-6118
  •  Pat Devaney, AFFI, 217 522-8180
  •  Jackie Engelhart, APWU, 630 833-0088
  •  Darrin Golden, IBEW, 815 398-6282
  •  Jose Gudino, USW, 708 233-0800
  •  Bob Guy, UTU, 217 638-0321
  •  Terrence Healy, LIUNA, 773 693-7990
  •  Ron Honse, CWA, 847 550-0797
  •  Jeff Isaacson, Carpenters, 312 951-1529
  •  Dorothy James, AFGE, 312 421-6245
  •  Terryl Jares, AFM, 312 782-0063
  •  Steve Jones, UMWA, 217 529-8301
  •  Robert Kelly, ATU, 312 782-4665
  •  Tadas Kicielinski, Iron Workers, 314 454-6872
  •  Patrick LaCassa, OPCMIA, 708 544-9100
  •  Roberta Lynch, AFSCME, 312 641-6060
  •  Richard Mathis, Roofers, 708 345-0970
  •  Ron McInroy, UAW, 847 459-3888
  •  Robert Miller, GCC/IBT, 630 668-4337
  •  Dan Montgomery, IFT, 630 468-4040
  •  Brian Mulheran, SMWIA, 708 449-0073
  •  Robert Paddock, IUOE, 815 254-3332
  •  Ronald Powell, UFCW, 847/294-5064
  •  Sandra Robinson, INA, 312 419-2900
  •  Nancy Sellers, SAG/AFTRA, 847 607-8283
  •  John Skermont, IBB, 773 247-5225
  •  Rick Terven, Jr., UA, 217 528-1945
  •  Jerry Thanos, IUPAT, 312 421-0046
  •  Neal Tisdale, NALC, 217 787-7850
  •  Dave Weaver, IAM, 314 739-6200
  •  Donald Woods , BCTGM, 708 442-3636
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