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Florida AFL-CIO

135 S Monroe St

Tallahassee, FL 32301‎




Representing over 600,000 workers in 500 local labor unions and labor councils.




icon_structureThe Florida AFL-CIO is a member-driven organization based on democratic principles. The governing body is the state Biennial Convention, held on odd-numbered years. In even-numbered years, a COPE (Committee on Political Education) Endorsing Convention is held to consider political endorsements and support or oppose constitutional ballot initiatives and legislative issues. These Conventions establish the principles and policies that guide the Florida AFL-CIO on policy and organizational choices.

Every four years, the Biennial Convention elects the President and Secretary-Treasurer who are the Executive Officers. Every two years at the Biennial Convention, District Vice-Presidents, Union Vice-Presidents and Vice-Presidents-at-Large are elected. The Vice-Presidents and the Executive Officers constitute the Executive Board of the Florida AFL-CIO. Between conventions, the Executive Board is the governing body.


Key Officers

southflclc_mikewilliamsMike Williams, President

Mike Williams worked for fifteen years as an electrician and later became the Business Manager of his Local, IBEW 177, based in Jacksonville. Eight years later, Mike went on to serve as President of the Florida Building Trades Council.

In 2009, Mike was elected President of the Florida AFL-CIO.


southflclc_briandempseyBrian Dempsey, Treasurer

Brian has been a member of the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) Local 1821 at Lockheed Martin since 1985. During his time with the UAW, Brian served as shop steward, bargaining chair, and President of his local. Brian also served on the UAW Aerospace Council Executive Board.

Outside of his local, Dempsey worked for the larger community of North Central Florida, as the Recording Secretary and Political Coordinator for North Central Florida Central Labor Council, in addition to serving as the North Florida Zone Governance Chairperson for Zone 1.

Brian was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Florida AFL-CIO in 2009. In his current position, Dempsey oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization and manages a staff of nine.

(Please See Appendix 1 for a list of Vice Presidents and their contact information)

Sustainability Profile


A thorough search reveals an absence of direct involvement with issues of global warming and climate change for the FL AFL-CIO. There is absolutely no reference to these issues on the organization’s own (unsearchable) website.

However, the FL AFL-CIO does publish articles from progressive news sources in “E-messenger,” its electronic newsletter. E-messenger “details and highlights upcoming events or important links for activists to take notice of, while also supplying readers with current news that is important to working families.” Some of its articles are related to climate and environmental issues.

One such article, “How EPA Climate Protection Can Be America’s Greatest Jobs Producer” written by collaboration between Alternet and, states that “the economic threat of climate change isn’t limited to hurricanes. Heat waves increase energy costs and cause droughts, which kill crops and increase food prices. Floods destroy houses, businesses, and infrastructure. Closed businesses and lost earnings represent an economic loss that can never be recovered.” However, the FL AFL-CIO is not quoted as supporting such EPA measures in the newsletter.

Ultimately, the Floridians of the AFL-CIO have little to say about climate change despite that fact that their state is likely to be affected sooner than most other states. Sea level rise of more than 6 feet by 2100, with levels expected to rise faster along the U.S. East Coast than in any other densely populated part of the world. The first 40 inches of rise alone would flood 13,000 square miles of the US, forcing Southern Louisiana and South Florida to be abandoned.


Appendix 1: Vice Presidents

Yolanda Anderson, Vice President at Large Kimberly Bowles, Vice President at Large

AFT #7449 IATSE #631

914 Charles St 5385 Conroy Rd. #200

Orlando, FL 32808 Orlando, FL 32811

Ph: 407-317-3963 FAX: 407-317-3771 Ph: 407-422-2747 x12 FAX: 407-843-9170

Cell: 407-403-1046 Cell: 321-230-0161

Email: Email:


Terrie Brady, Union Vice President Joe Brennan, District Vice President

AFT #3326 IBEW # 1191

1735 Edgewood Ave 1901 SW Michelangelo Ave.

Jacksonville, FL 32205 Port St. Lucie, FL 34953

Ph: 904-396-4063 FAX: 904-396-9389 Ph: 772-342-3838 FAX:

Cell: 904-571-2707 Cell: 772-342-3838

Email: Email:


Ellis Canty, District Vice President J.B. Clark, Union Vice President

ILA #1416 IBEW #349

816 N.W. 2nd Ave. 2071 Cynthia Dr.

Miami, FL 33136 Tallahassee, FL 32303

Ph: 305-371-6781 FAX: 305-374-7646 Ph: 850/224-6926 FAX: 850/224-2266

Cell: 305-525-2573 Cell: 850/556-8143

Email: Email:


Clara Y Cook, Union Vice President Walter Crosson, District Vice President

AFT #3616 IBEW #759

213 S. Adams St. 1700 NW 66th Ave. #100-C

Tallahassee, FL 32301 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33313

Ph: 850-222-4767 FAX: 850-222-1840 Ph: 954/327-9007 FAX: 954/327-9081

Cell: 850-510-7475 Cell: 954-629-9118

Email: Email:


Damon Davis, District Vice President Brian Dempsey, Secretary-Treasurer

AFT #7463 UAW #1821

403 NW 68th Ave. #206 135 S. Monroe St.

Plantation, FL 33317 Tallahassee, FL 32301

Ph: 954-201-6539 FAX: 954-20-6238 Ph: 850-224-6926 FAX: 850-224-2266

Cell: 954-816-8701 Cell: 352-216-4687

Email: Email:


Viviene Dixon-Shim, District Vice President Pat Emmert, District Vice President

AFSCME #1363 Ironworkers #402

99 NW 183rd St. #224 1001 W. 15th St.

Miami, FL 33169 Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Ph: 305-651-6617 FAX: 605-651-1740 Ph: 561-841-8626 FAX: 561-842-7652

Cell: 786-295-1095 Cell: 561-801-6102

Email: Email:


Andy Ford, Union Vice President Tony Fransetta, FLARA Vice President

AFT #3326 UAW #1821

213 S. Adams St. 12059 Sunset Point Ct.

Tallahassee, FL 32301 Wellington, FL 33414

Ph: 850-222-4767 FAX: 850-222-1840 Ph: 561-792-8799 FAX: 561-792-8797

Cell: 850-510-4593 Cell: 561-386-7047

Email: Email:


Steve Hall, Union Vice President Russell Harper, District Vice President

IUPAT District Council #78 IBEW #177

2153 W. Oak Ridge Rd. 966 Liberty St.

Orlando, FL 32309 Jacksonville, FL 32206

Ph: 407-852-3977 FAX: 407-856-8135 Ph: 904-355-4569 FAX: 904-353-8064

Cell: 407-832-7187 Cell: 904-588-4855

Email: Email:


Karen Hazlett, District Vice President Nelly Henjes, Union Vice President

CWA #3106 AFT #7453

1126 Palm Circle North. 650 Seminole Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32250 Largo, FL 33770

Ph: 904-249-0375 FAX: 904-384-3106 727-585-6518 FAX: 727-586-6722

Cell: 904-234-2780 Cell: 727-692-1197

Email: Email:


Ralph Hill, District Vice President Walter Ilczyszyn, District Vice President

IBEW #1205 IUPAT #2301

1541 Proctor St P.O. Box 151116

Tallahassee, FL 32303 Cape Coral, FL 33915

Ph: 850-544-1085 FAX: Ph: 239-633-6108 FAX: 239-574-0882

Cell: 850-544-1085 Cell: 239-633-6108

Email: Email:


Fedrick Ingram, Union Vice President Jennifer Kenny, District Vice President

AFT #1974 IBEW #606

9830 SW 3rd St. 3358 Cedar Springs Pl.

Pembroke Pines, FL 33025 Winter Park, FL 32792

Ph: 305-854-0220 x217 FAX: 786-594-0217 Ph: 321-277-9385 FAX: 407-896-7274

Cell: Cell: 321-277-9385

Email: Email:


James Lingley, District Vice President Glynda Linton, Constituency Group Vice President

IAM #2757 APRI

5220 Arrowhead Rd. 1700 NW 66th Ave

Pensacola, FL 32507 Plantation, FL 33313

Ph: 850-261-6512 FAX: 239-574-0882 Ph: 954-797-7575 FAX:

Cell: 850-261-6512 Cell: 954-648-5571

Email: Email:


Andy Madtes, Union Vice President Joanne McCall, Union Vice President

UNITE-HERE #355 AFT #7464

9830 SW 3rd St. 213 S. Adams St.

Pembroke Pines, FL 33025 Tallahassee, FL 32301

Ph: 305-614-0377 FAX: 305-620-0424 Ph: 850-224-1953 FAX: 850-222-1840

Cell: Cell: 850-510-1153

Email: Email:


Karen McCann, Union Vice President Luis Meurice, District Vice President

AFT #3749 ILA #1922

3708 NW 28th Terrace 1007 North America Way #407

Gainesville, FL 32605 Miami, FL 33132

Ph: 352-222-8215 FAX: Ph: 305-798-5846 FAX: 305-379-5227

Email: Email:


Frank Ortis, Union Vice President John Parker, Vice President at Large

Machinists #368 SMWIA #435

1321 NW 114th Ave. 1435 Naldo Ave.

Pembroke Pines, FL 33026 Jacksonville, FL 32207

Ph: 954-224-4477 FAX: 954-704-1033 Ph: 904-398-1838 FAX: 904-396-8657

Cell: 954-224-4477 Cell: 904-613-1623

Email: Email:


Darryl “Mike D” Payne, Constituency Group VP Gail Marie Perry, Union Vice President

CBTU & ILA #1526 CWA #3104

PO Box 8303 PO Box 1766

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310 Pompano Beach, FL 33061

Ph: 954-804-3350 FAX: 954-463-2531 Ph: 954-850-4055 FAX: 954-970-3101

Cell: 954-850-1146 Cell: 954-850-4055

Email: Email:


David Pittman, Union Vice President Kathy Pogas, Union Vice President

AFT #7418 APWU #1672

PO Box 1766 39 Ocean Terrace W.

Pensacola, FL 32503 Ormond Beach, FL 32503

Ph: 850-476-2906 FAX: 850-477-4341 Ph: 386-451-3934 FAX:

Cell: 850-261-8610 Cell:

Email: Email:


Claudie Pouncey, District Vice President Robert Prunn, District Vice President

IBEW #2088 IBEW #824

P.O. Box 3787 6603 E Chelsea St..

Cocoa, FL 32927 Tampa, FL 33511

Ph: 321-631-0110 FAX: 321-631-0103 Ph: 813-626-5136 FAX: 813-621-0766

Cell: 321-298-9590 Cell: 813-541-5930

Email: Email:


Daniel Reynolds, Union Vice President Victoria Rodriguez, Union Vice President

Fed. Of Public Employees AFT #3616

1700 N.W. 66th Ave. #100. 371 Midway Rd.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33313 Ft. Pierce, FL 34982

Ph: 954-797-7575 x221 FAX: 954-327-2089 Ph: 772-464-6430 FAX: 772-464-7446

Cell: 954-629-2917 Cell: 772-979-0057

Email: Email:


Avon Sansone, District Vice President Pat Santeramo, District Vice President

AFGE #2014 AFT #1975

3696 Mykonos Ct 6000 N. University Dr.

Boca Raton, FL 33487 Tamarac, FL 33321

Ph: 561-350-8006 FAX: Ph: 954-486-6250 x238 FAX: 954-739-1803

Cell: Cell: 954-258-4495

Email: Email:


Gerry Showers, District Vice President Roy Sorensen, District Vice President

IUPAT #88 IATSE #412

2153 W. Oakridge Rd. P.O. Box 1307

Orlando, FL 32809 Tallevast, FL 324270

Ph: 863-244-3751 FAX: 407-856-8135 Ph: 941-914-1553 FAX:

Cell: 863-244-3751 Cell: 941-914-1553

Email: Email:


Andrew Spar, Union Vice President Stacy Stepanovich, District Vice President

AFT #1605 UAW #2278

1381 Educators Rd PO Box 2

Daytona Beach, FL 32124 St. Marks, FL 32355

Ph: 386-238-1605 FAX: 386-238-0206 Ph: 386-235-5751 FAX:

Cell: 386-295-9450 Cell: 386-235-5751

Email: Email:


Martha Stevens, Vice President at Large Lorraine Tuliano, Union Vice President

ATU #1464 AFGE #2113

PO Box 2558 112 S. Palermo Ave.

Tampa, FL 33601 Orlando, FL 32825

Ph: 813-877-0402 FAX: 813-877-2560 Ph: 321-695-1873 FAX: 407-380-8820

Cell: 813-482-2048 Cell: 321-695-1873

Email: Email:


Archie Ware, Vice President at Large Roy Weatherford, Union Vice President

SIU AFT #7463

3315 Liberty St. 5425 County Road 579

Jacksonville, FL 32206 Seffner, FL 33584

Ph: 904-353-0987 FAX: 904-355-4347 Ph: 813-240-4101 FAX:

Cell: 904-214-7870 Cell: 813-240-4101

Email: Email:


Lynne Webb, District Vice President Carol Westman, District Vice President

AFT #3600 UAW #1821

PO Box 1098 PO Box 830628

Land O’Lakes, FL 34639 Ocala, FL 34483

Ph: 813-996-2119 FAX: 813-996-6693 Ph: 352-687-5343 FAX: 352-687-5454

Cell: 813-482-6240 Cell: 352-216-2956

Email: Email:


Patty White, Constituency Group VP Debra Wilhelm, Union Vice President

CLUW & CWA 3108 AFT #7451

2920 Raeford Rd. 16745 W. Mayfair Dr.

Orlando, FL 32806 Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Ph: 407-325-1713 FAX: 850-224-2266 Ph: 561-906-2254 FAX:

Email: Email:


Mike Williams, President Jeanette Wynn, Union Vice President

IBEW #177 AFSCME Cncl #79

135 S. Monroe St. 3064 Highland Oaks Terr.

Tallahassee, FL 32301 Tallahassee, FL 32301

Ph: 850-224-6926 FAX: 850-224-2266 Ph: 850-222-0842 FAX: 850-224-2961

Cell: 850-556-2966 Cell: 850-251-7999

Email: Email:



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